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Today, Private Certified Housing Standards continue to develop alongside the needs and mission of the University, guiding the programs offered at each facility.  From inspections to programming, the Standards provide assurance that the residents of PCH will experience a safe environment that supports their journey at the University.  Additionally, the PCH community strives to individualize their residents’ experience. From small, four-person cooperatives like Brown House, to more independent, suite-style living with in-room kitchen options at Illini Tower and Presby Hall, PCH units integrate living and learning experiences in a number of special environments.  PCH offers diverse living options, allowing students to select the housing environment that best meets their needs, creating communities that support success for every student.  Moving forward, PCH is focused on building on their relationships with the University to further diversify their programming and collaborations, with the goal of continuing to service not only the students’ ever-changing needs but the University’s as well.   In doing so, PCH endeavors to achieve their vision of providing an environment for life-changing experiences that support every Illinois student as they transform their lives and communities, at Illinois and beyond.